Stranger Things in the Making

Demogorgon from the show

Flickr, Gema Colmenero Martin

Demogorgon from the show "Stranger Things."


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“Stranger Things” is one of the most popular shows on Netflix. The show is based on a group of friends in Indiana in the 80s who have witnessed secret government experiments. As the show progresses, they dig deeper into very unusual mysteries.

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The show quickly gained mass success and conjured up a huge cult following. It was such a popular, well-received show that Netflix renewed it for two more seasons. Fans are excitedly theorizing about what could happen in the upcoming seasons.

Amanda Periott, an eighth-grader at McAuliffe Middle School, is very glad that there is going to be a season four of the show. “I think there are going to be a lot of twists and maybe more sad death moments,” said Periott. Season three of “Stranger Things” had many surprising events and deaths in the last episodes. The last few episodes ended with lots of questions. 

In conclusion, “Stranger Things’” fourth season will probably be another unbelievable season. Periott and other fans are excited to see what is yet to come.